Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Hello OSHP Members!

The OSHP Board is excited to announce expansion of our Division leadership opportunities! You should have received an email regarding addition of the Division Director-Elect role to our current division leadership structure. Through these new changes, members who are interested in leadership positions will have more flexibility and choice in finding a role that best fits their interests as well as receive more guidance when taking on new leadership responsibilities. Please see your email for full information about our changes.

In order to effectively transition, we will be hosting elections for Division Director-Elect for two divisions this fall! We are currently welcoming nominations or statements of interest for the Division Director-Elect roles for Professional Affairs and Legal Affairs.

Individual members of OSHP may submit their interest for nomination to the Committee on Nominations of the House of Delegates. Members may also be anonymously nominated for Director at Large positions and will be given an opportunity to accept or reject these nominations.
Candidates who self-nominate or accept their nomination will submit a CV or resume and 250 word or less statement on why s/he is seeking office and/or how s/he is qualified to serve.

In order to submit your nomination or statement of interest, please send the above to: Kimberly.Novak@nationwidechildrens.org by Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

More information about each division is available on our website.

About the association

"The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum